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Literature Entry WEEK FOUR: The Visionary Man

Blake, the visionary, attempts to "recover the connection" (Malouf, Remembering Babylon p.29) between the unconscious and real state of humanity because as it appears, we have become obsessed with the materialism of world and have naively forgetton to find "a heaven in a wild flower". Blake's wish for us to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary and to regain our touch with our sensuality, instinct, passion and wisdom is his way of attempting to recreate a Golden Age - a world that was in touch with its humanity and knew no boundaries to the richness of nature. Blake understood and advocated that if humans could reunite their "zoas" (as featured in the above image), the Golden Age could be restored and humans would be able to enjoy a completed identity. Being a man that had utter distaste for structured religion, Blake understood that God was inside him and all, like a guiding light, and so to become in touch with one another would be to interact with a transcendent. In this case, he was well aware of the integrity of humans. In the end, if we can learn to see through our eyes and not with them, just as a child does, we could experience the true beauty of the world, it only takes one human force - the force of the imagination. As Blake believes, the imagination is of a higher order and an integral part of our lives. It can enhance and deepen our experience of the world. If you take your colour palette, (your life) squeeze out as many paints as you wish, (bring to the present as many memories that you can think of), and mix them up in wierd and wonderful ways, (good and bad) you will be amazed at the beauty that you can create at the tip of your fingers (finding the extraordinary). Guided by our Poetic Genius, we could experience the spiritual nature of the world without compromising its bliss through our limited perceptions.  

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